Child friendly Pablo.

This handsome dude is Pablo who is Bodeguero Cross, who I am sure you will agree has wonderful markings.

Pablo has made his home now in the refuge and gets on great with everyone but it is no substitute for a proper home and we would love to find him one.

Pablo is small-medium size, and these are his measurements: Height to shoulder 42cm. Length 43cm. Height to top of head: 54cm. Weight 13.5kg.

Pablo probably needs to lose a kilo or two, which will fall off with regular daily walks.

In July 2017 in the searing heat of Southern Spain Pablo  was picked up by the police in Rute as he was found wandering in the streets and near the roads. They checked for a microchip as he looked in good condition and was so friendly and happy to go with them.

We all felt he must have come from a home but no one has ever come forward or reported a dog missing which is so sad.

Pablo loves to play with all the other dogs . At this time we don’t know how he is with cats but we can test and he has met the children who come to the refuge and has no problem with them at all.

Bodegueros make excellent pets and are loving and affectionate.  Pablo is now almost 2 years old.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated and has passport and microchipped.

If you think you could offer this young man a loving home, please fill in our pre adoption questionnaire.

Spanish adoption fees apply – further information is on our FAQ section.

Approximate date of birth: 10th April 2016

Breed: Bodeguero X

Child friendly: yes

Cat friendly: can be tested