Thank you for clicking this link and wondering if you can help us. We are always grateful for any support we receive!



Fosters are crucial to ensuring that our dogs are happily re-homed in the UK. For information about what fostering entails and how you can apply to foster for us please click here.


We always need volunteers to help with fundraising and our dogs. For more information about the kind of help we need please click here.


You can contribute to the rescue every time you shop online or on the high street by signing up to support us through It won’t cost you anything.

We also run a charity auction through eBay. You can see what’s for sale at the moment by clicking here. If you have anything you would like to donate to the auction please get in touch.

We accept direct donations through our PayPal link. When donating through PayPal please state the purpose of your donation so that we can use the funds directly for your cause.


We collect funds to pay for pound release fees, medical help for fosters, transport costs for the dogs.

Plus, each of our dogs needs preparation for travel to ensure that they fully healthy when they travel to the UK for foster or adoption. This includes: microchipping, pet passport, spaying and neutering, internal and external parasite treatment, vet checks (blood tests), vaccinations (for rabies and other EU/UK diseases).

These costs will ultimately be covered by the final adoption fee but in order to bring the dogs over into foster homes and pull them out of pounds we must cover the costs ourselves.

Every penny we receive goes towards helping our dogs find a home here in the UK.